The Best Companion for Your Any-way Table: Any-way Doodle Pad

The Best Companion for Your Any-way Table: Any-way Doodle Pad

After the launch of the Any-way Table, a versatile coffee and play table designed for families with children—we knew every detail had to enhance both practicality and joy. One standout feature is its 1 cm table lip, which prevents toys and paintbrushes from rolling off, offering what we like to call "1 cm of happiness." But we didn't stop there. We wondered what more could we do with this 1 cm.

Observing how children interacted with the table, drawing, playing, and eating, we had a eureka moment: they love drawing! And so, the Any-way Doodle Pad was ideated, a perfect companion for our Any-way Tables.

Feature 1: Perfect Fit and Functionality

Designed to fit snugly on the Any-way Table, the Any-way Doodle Pad aligns perfectly with its super-elliptical shape. The 1 cm deep groove along the table's edge securely holds the 3mm thick doodle pad, ensuring no more wandering papers or runaway paintbrushes. It allows children to focus on their creativity while giving adults peace of mind.

Feature 2: Spacious Drawing Area

Unfold the doodle pad, and you have an expansive canvas covering the entire tabletop, an ideal space for children to unleash their artistic talents. When unfolded, it covers the entire Any-Way Table surface, offering an estimated drawing area equivalent to 8 A4 papers. It's not just for solo drawing sessions; when friends come over, they can collaborate, each taking half of the doodle pad to create together.

Feature 3: Promoting Shared Spaces

The Any-way range fosters intimacy and independence. The Any-way Doodle Pad transforms the table into a shared space for both children and parents. While children draw, adults can enjoy a coffee or catch up on their favorite TV series at the same table, maintaining closeness with minimal interruption.

Feature 4: Easy Storage and Convenience

Drawing is spontaneous for children, and cleaning up shouldn't be a hassle. Once done, simply close the doodle pad and store it away. Brushes and supplies can be neatly tucked into the Any-way Felt Storage Drawer, effortlessly transforming the table back to its original state.

The Any-way Doodle Pad isn't just an accessory—it's a thoughtful addition that encourages children to explore their creativity freely. Whether paired with the Any-way Table, a versatile coffee and play table designed for kids and homes, or used independently, it transforms any space into a hub of imagination and interaction. Embrace functionality and creativity with the Any-way Doodle Pad.

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