Safe & Stylish Any-way Table: Coffee Table Designed for Kids & Homes

Safe & Stylish Any-way Table: Coffee Table Designed for Kids & Homes

Let's be honest, traditional coffee tables weren't exactly designed with little ones in mind. Sharp corners, surfaces that stain easily, and zero storage for overflowing toy boxes. We've been there too. So we created the Any-Way Table, the coffee table that's as stylish as it is safe and functional for the whole family.

Why We Love Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are the centerpieces of our living rooms. They're where we gather to chat, play games, and unwind after a long day. But unlike other furniture, coffee tables are used by everyone – adults, kids, and even the family pet. We wanted to create a coffee table that truly embraces everyone's needs.

The Problem with Traditional Coffee Tables

Most coffee tables prioritize aesthetics over practicality, especially for families. Here's what we see as common issues:

Sharp corners: These can lead to bumped knees and tears!

Delicate materials: Spilled juice boxes and rogue markers can cause major headaches.

Limited storage: Living rooms become toy jungles without smart storage solutions.

Introducing the Any-Way Table: Designed for Family Fun

The Any-Way Table is more than just a pretty piece of furniture. It's built with families in mind, here's how:

Feature 1: Furniture Linoleum - Elegant and Practical

To ensure our coffee table fits beautifully into your living room, we opted for Furniture Linoleum—a material admired for its elegance and durability in Northern European furniture.

Visual and Tactile Appeal: With a soft, satin matte finish, linoleum exudes a gentle elegance that's both visually pleasing and pleasant to touch.

Natural and Durable: Made from natural ingredients like linseed oil and wood powder, linoleum is safe, easy to clean, and ages gracefully, much like leather.

Award-Winning Quality: Our linoleum, sourced from Europe, has earned accolades like the Red Dot Award for its exceptional quality and design.

Feature 2: Super Ellipse Shape

The Any-way Table features a super ellipse shape—a blend of rectangle and circle that offers ample space without sharp corners. It's safe for children and welcoming for gatherings from any angle.

Feature 3: 1cm Table Lip

A raised 1cm edge prevents small objects (often children's toys!) from rolling off, doubling as a practical tray edge for your convenience.

Feature 4: U-Shaped Bent Wooden Legs

Crafted from solid wood multilayer boards, our table legs combine durability with a modern aesthetic. They're stable, easy to assemble, and complement various home styles seamlessly.

Making Life Easier with Add-Ons

Any-way Felt Storage Drawers

We know storage is key! That's why we offer Any-way Felt Storage Drawers that slide out from both sides – perfect for hiding away toys, games, or anything else that needs to be tucked away quickly.

Any-way Stools

Plus, our matching Any-way Stools are a great addition for extra seating or a handy side table. They're sturdy enough for even the most enthusiastic artists and come in a variety of colors to match your style.

The Any-Way Table: Your Family's New Favorite Spot The Any-Way Table is more than just a coffee table; it's an invitation to create lasting memories with your loved ones. It's a place to relax, play, and connect without worrying about spills or bumps. Ready to upgrade your living room? Shop the Any-Way Table and its fun add-ons today!

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