Little Bulb Pro FAQs

How do you charge little bulb?
Place little bulb in the charging base, connect charging base to power source using Type-C USB charging line. It will take about 5 hours for a full charge. The charge is complete once the charging base indicator light stays on.

How long does it take to fully charge little bulb? How long does a charge last?
It takes around 5 hours for a full charge. Depending on how much you use little bulb, a full charge lasts between 6 hours (brightest) to 72 hours (dimmest).

Does little bulb only work when it’s in the charging base?
When charged, it works in or outside of the charging base.

How do you change the brightness level of little bulb?
Press little bulb once to switch on; rotate clockwise for brighter light, counter-clockwise for dimmer light.

What is smart mode?
After successfully connecting your little bulb to the phone app, you can control the automatic settings and timer function. When in smart mode, little bulb is sound activated during the time period you’ve selected. Perfect automatic lighting for when your hands are full or for the little ones who are afraid of the dark.

How does little bulb work when not in smart mode?
When not in smart mode (i.e. unconnected to the companion phone app), press once to switch on, rotate to adjust the brightness level. Press again to switch to candlelight mode. Press a third time to switch off little bulb.

What is candlelight mode?
Candlelight mode is an ambient setting that simulates a flickering candle. When in candlelight mode, brightness cannot be adjusted. The brightness of candlelight mode can only be adjusted in the app.

Can the brightness be adjusted when smart mode is activated?
No. In this mode, to avoid inadvertent adjustments while sleeping, brightness cannot be adjusted by rotating the bulb. When in smart mode, brightness can only be adjusted in the app.

Can I use candlelight mode in smart mode?
No. Candlelight mode mimics the flickering of candlelight; it is slightly brighter than smart mode. Brightness level of candlelight mode cannot be adjusted.

Why won’t my little bulb wake up when I make sound?
In the app, adjust microphone sensitivity and make sure that there are no objects blocking little bulb.

How do I pair little bulb with my phone?
Download the PUPUPULA app and choose little bulb to pair.
(System requirements: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 or above)

What if I can't find my little bulb in the app?
Check your network connections or press and hold little bulb to restart for 8 seconds and then reopen the app.

What is little bulb made of? Is it safe?
The flexible bulb is made of food-grade silicone. The bulb base and charging base are made of PC-ABS material. Little bulb’s materials are safe for children and adults. The shadow at the base of the bulb is a reinforced seal and a design feature.

Is little bulb’s light safe? Will it hurt your eyes?
Little bulb is a warm yellow 2200K temperature light and is tested and approved in accordance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association standard (NEMA 77-2017) for Temporal Light Artifacts (TLA) including stroboscopic effect testing, eye comfort blue light certification and photobiological safety certification.

What are some uses of little bulb?
It can be used as a nightlight, as a bedside lamp, and as a soft light for nighttime baby feedings. Candlelight mode is useful to create ambiance. Little bulb’s design is simple, sophisticated, and accents any décor. It’s a perfect baby gift or for the entire family.

How can I see little bulb’s remaining charge level?
The charge level is indicated in the app.

My little bulb won’t turn on when I take it out of the box.
It may be low on power. It can be recharged for 10 minutes before using it (charging base indicator light pulsates when charging). If it is still not charging, please contact us for assistance.

What if little bulb doesn't charge?
Make sure that the charging cable is fully inserted in the charging base, that the charge indicator light is flashing, and little bulb is lit. If it is still not charging after these steps, please contact us for assistance.

Is little bulb waterproof? How do I clean it?
Little bulb is not waterproof. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use cleaning products or harsh chemicals. Do not immerse it in water or rinse under running water.

How big is little bulb?
Little bulb measures 110mm H x 76.2mm Diam. (4.3in H x 3in Diam.)