Our Team

Founder & CEO

Mom of two kids and three cats, co-founder of MOMO, China’s largest social and entertainment platform. Sic held different positions at MOMO, NetEase, PhoenixNet and Modern Media relating to design, marketing and overseas operation.

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

Pet lover, homebody and green thumb. Former director of the emoji and AR departments at MOMO.

Alias Lau
Product Designer

The “cuddly sloth” at PUPUPULA. His work is as genuine and compassionate as he is. During his four-year tenure at Lost and Found, he designed over 20 best-selling products.

Gaoyin Wang
Hardware Product Director

Father to a son, he is a detail-oriented, seasoned engineer and tech geek who has developed dozens of electronic products. He worked at Polycom as a senior structural engineer and played a managing role in the R&D department of Samsung.

This is Us

We are diverse, open-minded problem solvers. Some of us are parents, while some are still kids at heart. Some of us have lived and studied around the world, while some have spent most of the time in China. We unite in the spirit of creativity and freedom. We believe in enjoying our work as much as we enjoy life.

Our Design Partners

A Black Cover Design

Founded by Guang Yu and Nod Young, ABCD is a small creative studio specializing in graphic design. Their work is designed with exceptional, systematic and pertinent communication methodology and has won them numerous international and domestic awards.

Office for Product Design

OFPD is an international design studio formed in 2007 by Nicol Boyd and Tomas Rosén. Their work has been repeatedly recognized by leading international design awards, including but not limited to iF Gold Award, G-Mark, Red Dot etc. Nicol and Tomas also serve as creative directors at PUPUPULA.

Five Metal Shop

FMS is an independent creative studio that designs business. The team are from business, marketing and communication design backgrounds with top level international experience. They also regularly collaborate with like-minded international talents who are often leaders in their respective creative fields.