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Any-way Felt Drawer

Any-way Felt Drawer

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Winner of Red Dot Award 2019 Product Design

Add storage to your Any-way table, slides out from either side

They can serve as standalone storage bins
, easy to assemble with two options:
Option 1: Large. Instantly ready to use

Option 2: Small (set of 2, track accessory included). Install track for use

Everything in its Place

Space for everyone

Light, not a Lightweight

Pulls out completely

Doubles as a storage basket

Easy to carry

Sturdy compressed felt

Understated Chic

Soft felt adds wooly warmth

Works anywhere in your home


Dimensions/mm: Large , 502 L x 315 W x 112 H (25.7”x21.3”x10.1”); small (set of 2), 360 L x 269 W x 256 H (14.2”x10.6”x10.1”)
Weight: Large, 910 g (2 lb); small (each) 390 g (0.85 lb)


100% PET Fiber


Use a vacuum cleaner or lint roller to clean.

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