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Little Bulb Portable Nightlight PRO

Little Bulb Portable Nightlight PRO

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Good Design Award 2020 Winner

Good Design Award 2020 Winner 

With a Light bulb shape design, this silicon-made nightlight is small, soft, and safe for little ones. It comes with induction charging, and whether docked into the charging cup or used remotely, the light is simply switched on/off by pressing it and can then be dimmed by twisting. It connects with PUPUPULA app via Bluetooth, and schedules little bulbs to dim during sleep or glow when you make a sound. 

Safe for kids, fun for everyone
The silicone bulb gives you a new way to interact with your light. Tap it, twist it, squeeze it—it's lit. 

Finding light, even in the dark
No more hunting for the switch, the bulb is the switch.
With 8-level dimming, rotate to the brightness level of your fancy.

Gentle on sleepy eyes.
2200K warm yellow light, just enough glow to see without waking anyone up.

Mom's quiet little helper
Softly lights the task at hand, whether it's the baby's nighttime feeding or a little midnight snack.

A smarter light
With the companion app,* schedule little bulb to dim during sleep or to glow when you make a sound. It's Smart Mode.**

*Search "PUPUPULA" in iOS App Store and Android market.

**Manual dimming is off and must be adjusted in the app.

Sound-activated glow
Turn on Smart Mode, and get light on demand when you make a sound. Perfect for entryway or nightstand.

Cozy mood lighting.
Gentle flickering simulates soft candlelight in candlelight mode.* A subtle cue to relax and unwind.
*In candlelight mode, the brightness cannot be adjusted, and the function can be turned off in the app settings.

Product Details

Battery: 600mAh
 up to 6-72 hours
Built-in LED light source. LED life approx. 25,000 hours.
Light color: Warm yellow (2200K Kelvin).
0.01~0.3 W dimmable
Food-grade silicone bulb.

Built-in Bluetooth.


Office for Product Design


Silicone, PC-ABS


Dimensions/mm: 76.2 Diam x 110 H (3” x 4.3”)
Weight: 137g (0.3 lb)


Not water-proof. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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