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Paper Pulp Clock Numbers

Paper Pulp Clock Numbers

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Our daily life is increasingly dependent on plastics, but less than 10% of the world's plastics are effectively recycled. From the perspective of environmental consideration, we thought about if there is a lightweight and flexible material to replace plastics, providing long-term companionship?

The answer was "paper", which is light and flexible in form. We used recycled sugarcane pulp as the primary material. After more than a year of continuous trials, the Paper Pulp Wall clock was born.

Product Details

The clock face of Paper pulp is made from 70% recycled sugar cane pulp and 30% wood pulp. It is very light but also strong enough. We kept the tilted clock face design from our classic Little Ben Wall Clock but with a larger clock face. Easy to read from a distance.

No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.
The battery is not included. Recommend a Carbon Zinc AA 1.5V battery.




70% recycled sugar cane pulp and 30% wood pulp


Diameter: 34cm (13.4in)


MADE IN PAPER! Only clean with a duster.
The hands are set using the dial on the back of the clock mechanism. Moving the hands directly with your fingers can destroy the clock mechanism.

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