Our Story


PUPUPULA is pronounced as [pū~pū~pū~la]. Try a few times to make beautiful little popping sounds.


PUPUPULA is a Beijing-based lifestyle brand founded in 2017. We make contemporary and thoughtful products for kids. At PUPUPULA, good design is insightful. Our products are simple, functional, innovative, and beautiful. Well-designed products fulfill our mission to let kids be kids so you can enjoy parenting more.

Our Mission

Let Kids Be Kids

Every child is unique and should develop their personality, talents, and skills. Well-designed products can inspire your children to grow up independently and confidently.

Enjoy Parenting More

Parenting is a long journey with different challenges at different phases of your child’s growth. Our products are designed based on observations and deep insights to provide solutions along your parenting journey so you enjoy better quality time with your kids. 

Worldwide Awareness

Whether from Beijing, San Francisco, or Istanbul, our kids are growing up in a globally connected world. We hope they become responsible global citizens. PUPUPULA creates products to fulfill the needs of modern families around the world.

Designed with Love & Insight

Good design is insightful. Beyond the aesthetics, our products solve problems and make life easier. Simple, beautiful, innovative, beautiful—and above all, kid-friendly, we design to let kids be kids so you can enjoy the parenting journey.

Our Factories

Our conviction in curating solution-centric products through insightful designs empowers us to create pieces for your family. To make products of exceptional quality, we selectively collaborate with the factories with best practices.

Our Planet

With sustainability in mind, these are our efforts to create a positive impact on our planet:

  • We choose materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for the environment.
  • To reduce leftover materials in manufacturing, we control and optimize production efficiency.
  • We repurpose manufacturing waste and leftover materials.
  • We avoid overpackaging. Our packaging can be re-purposed or reused to reduce your carbon footprint.
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