Beyond a Coffee Table

Beyond a Coffee Table

“A lot of children’s products are very specific: buy them and you use them for a short period of time and then you stop using them. Having that flexibility that you can coexist, but it also has a life beyond that. And that's really the starting point of this table.”

— Nicol Boyd & Tomas Rosén / Any-way Series Designers, OFPD Co-Founders

It Felt Right

We arrived at this this idea of using the felt because it's a lightweight material and most importantly, it's soft. It's rigid enough to hold the contents so that you can pull it out and use it as a tray, but it's soft enough so that you can’t trap a finger in the drawer.

“And if the kids are in bed, then all of a sudden, it can transform back into a more adult coffee table. You can have a glass of wine around it or whatever and it looks perfectly normal.”

Material Matters

Our choice of materials—from the molded plywood, to the linoleum, to the felt drawer—are all tactile, warm, and suited for every home environment. It mingles well with other furniture pieces in your home.

“The shape of the table is technically called a superellipse that has very soft, smooth corners—a device that invites people to sit around the table and share.”


In many ways, the Any-way Series is a good example of what PUPUPULA is—it’s both for children and adults. This subtlety of purpose emboldens its versatility for the entire family.

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