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Little Ben Wall Clock

Little Ben Wall Clock

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iF Design Award 2019 Winner
Good Design Award 2019 Winner.

With a very user-centric design, Little Ben makes learning to tell the time easier than ever.

With the clock dial slightly facing downwards, Little Ben’s unique display angle imitates eye contact between parents and children, thus not only ensuring that the dial is easily visible to children but also creating an amiable atmosphere.

On the dial, all hours and minutes are clearly numbered, and by matching the colors of the hour/minute hand and hour/minute numbers, children can differentiate them intuitively.

With its clean, simple and modest look, the clock is the must-have for every modern family with a gentle heart.

Safety first.
Acrylic cover, stronger than glass, safe for kids to handle.

Every minute counts.
Tilted clock face sets the perfect angle to see. Easy for kids to understand and announce time with minutes on dial, red hour hand and blue minute hand.

The meaning of time.
It's fun and easy to learn time with "What time is it?" flashcards!

Oh... so quiet.
Rhythm® or SEIKO® silent sweep movement provides a quiet yet powerful system.
No more incessant ticktock.

Product Details

Movement: Rhythm/SEIKO sweep clock silent movement
Includes Wall Hanger and Screw Set x1
Includes "What Time Is It?" Flash Card Set x1


Asu (PUPUPULA Beijing)


ABS, acrylic


Dimensions/mm: 247 L x 259 W x 71.5 D (9.7”x 10.2”x 2.8”)

Weight: 0.8 kg (1.76 lb)


Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

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