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Little Ben Wall Clock

Little Ben Wall Clock

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With a user-centric design, Little Ben Clocks makes it easier for children when they are learning to tell the time.

Little Ben Wall Clock is a Montessori clock with hours and minutes numbered. The matching colors of the hour/minute hand to the hour/minute numbers helps children to differentiate them intuitively.

The clock display is angled 10 degrees downwards by making the upper edge thicker, making the dial easily visible to children from their height.

The clock appeals to children and adults with its simple and clean design, making it suitable for every modern family.


  • Silent movements - does not make a ticking sound
  • Acrylic surface - which has good light transmittance and does not break easily


Product size (cm): 25L x 26W x 7D 

Packaging size (cm): 29L x 30W x 9D 

Product weight: 800g

Care & Warranty

Wipe clean with a dry or a slightly damp cloth.

All PUPUPULA products come with a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Designers & Awards

Designed by Asu from PUPUPULA Beijing.

Little Ben Wall Clock is honoured to have won the Good Design Award 2019 and iF Design Award 2019.

Materials & Technical Information

Comes with:

  • 1 Little Ben Wall Clock 
  • 1 set of illustration time cards 
  • 1 copy of instruction manual
  • 1 seamless hook 
  • 1 set of expansion screws 

Materials: ABS resin, acrylic 

We believe ‘Made in China’ does not mean inferior products. PUPUPULA believes in original design and works with our dedicated factory partners to produce high-quality products. PUPUPULA Little Ben Wall Clock has passed the quality inspection per China's Toy Safety Standard GB 6675-2014, which has more stringent requirements. All inspected items are of high standards, ensuring a safe and longer-lasting user experience.

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