Little Bulb – Your Personal, Portable Nighttime Solution

Little Bulb – Your Personal, Portable Nighttime Solution

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After multiple readings of Goodnight Moon, a few lullaby renditions, and the back-breaking attempt of slowly lowering your sleepy child into their crib or bed without disruption, you say goodnight and your little one is off to bed until morning. At least, that’s what you hope.

As your child falls asleep with the comfort of their night light, you still know the toughest job is yet to come, and that’s making your way back into your little one’s bedroom to turn that light off. Even when channeling your inner Tom Cruise circa Mission Impossible, it never fails that your pride and joy will pop awake as you stealthy creep back into their room. You might as well push the rewind button on your night and start again at square one, “Goodnight room, goodnight moon…”

What if you could avoid that anxiety and the extra step?

Little bulb pro provides that solution.

Designers' sketch for little bulb.

Little bulb pro looks exactly how it sounds, and is inspired by children with use for both adults and kids. Little bulb pro restores the classic light bulb shape in a modern way with simple features that make the routines at night that much easier.

Little bulb pro.

With a total of 8 different brightness levels, with a touch or click the ambient light can be changed to adjust to whatever suits the situation best. If you don’t want to keep getting up to adjust the light during nighttime hours, Little bulb pro comes with a convenient mobile app, giving mom or dad the ability to control the warm glow from the comfort of their couch while scrolling Netflix for their movie-night choice.

Little bulb pro has 8 brightness level.

Adults calling it an early night? Little bulb is built with timer compatibility. The feature provides parents the choice to have the light stay illuminated for a set period of time. If your child is afraid of the dark or needs help falling asleep, you aren’t forced to stay up and wait to turn off the light. You can set the timer and avoid disrupting your little one.

Little bulb's Smart Mode.

If it takes more than just a light on a nightstand in a kids’ bedroom to bring comfort, Little bulb has a “smart mode” to allow for an older toddler to hold onto the light even in bed. In trials, a 4-year-old quickly mastered the cause and effect of what each touch of the light resulted in.

Little bulb pro is easy for kids to master.

When you think of a light bulb, you might think of a hard, fragile product that might not be safe to touch for adults, let alone a child. That’s not the case with Little bulb. The lamp body is made of safe food-grade silica gel that is smoothed and softened by a silicone UV treatment and is blue light free. Since a child can adjust the light brightness themselves, it encourages the use of their comprehension and motor skills.

During the testing phase, when the four-year-old woke up at night to go to the bathroom, Little bulb provided comfort as the candlelight setting lit a path down the hallway. The portable solution can remove the need for wall night lights or even a parent’s hand to hold on the way to the bathroom.

Getting up in the middle of the night, made easy!

Little bulb isn’t just for your little one, either. If you’re a parent of a newborn, you constantly will get up at night to feed or change your child. The smart device provides the ambient lighting that isn’t as aggressive as the overhead room light or lamp nearby, giving you the best environment for feedings or diaper changes. It also allows for wireless charging, which comes in handy during those less than restful nights.

A handy little helper for mom.

Whether you’re a parent, a soon-to-be parent, or someone who appreciates a modern, personal décor touch, Little bulb will shed light on your situation.

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