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Organic Cotton Crossbody & Tote Bag

Organic Cotton Crossbody & Tote Bag

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Families with little ones could mean regular and short trips. Bags are essential in such situations regardless of whether it is a walk at a park nearby or a grocery run. A good quality bag should be soft, lightweight, and practical to carry while meeting basic storage needs and having sufficient space*. Organic Cotton Crossbody & Tote Bag ticks all the boxes.

*The Organic Cotton Crossbody Bag is designed with consideration for children. It has a limited capacity to prevent overpacking. The limitation can help children prioritize and decide what are the essential items to bring. 

We are accustomed to believing that cloth bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. However, the production of ordinary cloth bags consumes a lot of energy and water. In search of a better solution to reduce carbon footprint, we found organic cotton for our Organic Cotton Crossbody & Tote Bag. 

The planting and production process of our organic cotton relies on rainwater for 80% of the irrigation, saving irrigation water by 91% and reducing energy usage by 62%. Together with the elimination of pesticides and chemicals with crop rotation, intercropping, and composting, healthy soil is cultivated making it suitable to be used again after 3 years.

Organic Cotton Crossbody & Tote Bag is printed with plant-based soy ink - which is renewable, biodegradable, and can be removed easily during the recycling process.


Organic Cotton Tote Bag

  • An inner pocket - to store and reach small and loose items easily
  • A cup/bottle holder - to keep your cup/bottle in an upright position

Organic Cotton Crossbody Bag

  • 120cm adjustable strap - tweak to your preferred length


Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Print size (cm): 38L x 41H

Tote strap length (cm): 80

Handcarry strap length (cm): 40

Organic Cotton Crossbody Bag 

Print size (cm): 18L x 26H

Crossbody strap length (cm): 120

Care & Warranty

Hand wash or machine wash whenever necessary. 

All PUPUPULA products come with a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Designers & Awards

Designed by PUPUPULA Beijing.

Materials & Technical Information

Comes with:

  • 1 Organic Cotton Bag

Materials: 100% organic cotton, soy ink

Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified as 100% organic cotton. GOTS has the most stringent standards for organic cotton reviewing its process from planting to production and methods - ensuring that it is processed and produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and without the use of any pesticides and chemicals.

Specks of natural flax seed can be seen in the product sporadically as the organic cotton is unbleached. Natural soy ink may have some residual odour. If you find the odor unpleasant, air out the bag in a well-ventilated space to allow the odour to dissipate.

We believe ‘Made in China’ does not mean inferior products. PUPUPULA believes in original design and works with our dedicated factory partners to produce high-quality products.

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