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Quacky Plush Toys

Quacky Plush Toys

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Plush toys have an extraordinary relationship with children (and adults alike). They sleep with it, talk to it, share secrets with it, and cry to it. It is a special companion that provides a sense of touch and security. Quacky Plush Toy is designed with these considerations.  

At PUPUPULA, we aim to create an environment where kids can be kids - including when they may not feel as happy or joyful. In reality, they may not and do not always have to be joyful. Quacky Plush Toy teaches them (and their families) to accept that feeling negative emotions is alright. Our Quacky Plush Toy comes with a frowning expression but it still looks cute and approachable. 

As the name suggests, the Quacky Plush Toy makes a little quacky sound when it is pressed or squeezed for an interactive and sensory experience. Additionally, the stuffing used complies with the OEKO-TEX® standards. These features make Quacky Plush Toy suitable for babies, infants, toddlers, and adults, making it a great gift for everyone. 


  • Made of 4-way stretch fabric - extra soft, long-lasting, with high durability and elasticity (10-15% elasticity compared to 2-way stretch fabric)
  • 3D inner core cotton structure - consists of an inner mesh that is vertically arranged making it easier to clean, giving it a stronger resilience, smoother air permeability, and a better hugging experience


Product size (cm), weight: 

Small - 12L x 10.3W × 4D, 16g

Medium - 43.9L x 43W × 14D, 248g

Large - 68L x 65.6W × 18D, 770g

Care & Warranty

Maintenance instructions:

  • Water temperature below 40°C
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry-clean
  • Spread flat to dry
  • Not machine washable
  • Do not iron

All PUPUPULA products come with a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Designers & Awards

Designed by PUPUPULA Beijing.

Materials & Technical Information

Comes with:

  • 1 Quacky Plush Toy 


Exterior - 92% Polyester, 8%Spandex

Stuffing - Polyester

We believe ‘Made in China’ does not mean inferior products. PUPUPULA believes in original design and works with our dedicated factory partners to produce high-quality products. The stuffing used in the PUPUPULA Quacky Plush Toy complies with the human ecological standard of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. This label certifies that every component of the product, from the product, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals verifying the safety of products and their production processes for health and the environment. All inspected items are of high standards, ensuring a safe and longer-lasting user experience.

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