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Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp

Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp

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The Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp may have a simple and minimalistic design, but it sets the spatial atmosphere when it is light up. The shape and light effect resemble a total solar eclipse. 

With 3-dimensional ripple design folds, the light and shadow create a flowy illusion. The lampshade can also be rotated 360 degrees to the desired angle. The Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp includes an ultra-thin lamp holder of 3cm in depth, making it non-obstructive to movements near the wall.

To enhance the product’s versatility, the felt lampshade can be easily replaced for a new and fresh design whenever necessary. Simply unbuckle the current lampshade, lift it, and hang it to buckle the new lampshade in. 

Each package comes with additional lamp beads that can replace the existing set to extend the lifespan of the Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp. 


  • Uses LED energy-saving light beads that are environmentally friendly
  • Safe design for a children’s room or home with kids


Lampshade size (cm): 28.5 Diameter x 3,65 Depth

Lampholder size (cm): 15 Diameter x 3 Depth

Lampshade weight: 190g

Lamp holder weight: 262g

Care & Warranty

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

All PUPUPULA products come with a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Designers & Awards

Designed by PUPUPULA Beijing.

Our felt lampshades are made of selected felt material which has won 2 design awards (Good Design Award 2018 and iF Design Award 2019).

Materials & Technical Information

Comes with:

  • 1 Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp (including lampshade and lamp holder)
  • 1 copy of instruction manual
  • 1 copy of the warranty card
  • 1 set of screws
  • 1 set of lamp beads

Light color: Warm yellow (3000K Kelvin)

Materials: Felt, acrylic board, Austrian pine board, PP, HDPP

We believe ‘Made in China’ does not mean inferior products. PUPUPULA believes in original design and works with our dedicated factory partners to produce high-quality products. PUPUPULA Solar Eclipse Felt Wall Lamp has passed the test and obtained China’s 3C certification. All inspected items are of high standards, ensuring a safe and longer-lasting user experience.

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